We have quickly become one of the leading denim fabric manufacturers in the world thanks to our eco-friendly production approach, and DNM’s experienced team and dynamic organizational structure. We embrace production sustainability as a passion. We also rigorously uphold the high standards we have achieved, from quality to environmental management, from occupational health and safety to organic and ecological products, and we certify them through international certificates.


In its efforts to achieve its zero-waste goal, the DNM factory operates with modern technologies that minimize their environmental impact. With the waste management system, we treat the waste water generated during the production phase, and recycle the steam energy we obtain from our solid waste recycling system. In 2017, we became the first denim fabric manufacturer to receive the WATERLESS MILL certificate from Levi Strauss & Co. thanks to this technology which recycles the water used during production and reuses 84 percent of it. In the same year, we won the “Best in Class Mill” award after being named the best supplier in its class with a high performance product for the Levi’s Red Tab Women series.


We are known to adopt industrial innovations first and implement them quickly. Since our establishment, we are continuously evaluating raw materials, yarn and new technologies with our special colors, which cannot be imitated by other manufacturers. If we find something efficient, we quickly incorporate it into our production processes. We reduce both chemical and energy use with the fabrics we produce, which are suitable for the laser, and break new grounds in the industry with innovations that will support the washing processes. We also minimize electricity consumption and reduce our carbon footprint by choosing natural gas. With the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certificate, the symbol of trust in textile, we prove that we use dyes and chemicals that are not harmful to human health and the environment.


In the field of sustainability, we command attention thanks to the environmental, social and economic advantages we provide to Damietta, where we operate. By working at DNM, the people of Damietta not only receive a new job and a steady income, but also a new standard of living. We offer up-to-date training to our employees in Egypt, such as occupational safety and first aid, which allow them to contribute to their communities as well. We also offer a competitive employee benefits package. Additionally, we provide internship opportunities to Damietta University students at the DNM factory.