A Small Workshop Becomes a Global Brand…

In 1983, Eroğlu Holding laid its foundation in Kadırga, in a small ready-made clothing workshop with only six machines. Throughout this journey, which we began with five people under Nurettin Eroğlu’s leadership, we headed abroad to reach 15,000 employees in 38 countries.

With our undying entrepreneurial spirit, we have consistently grown by investing in multiple industries. In addition to fabric and ready-to-wear garment production and retail, we have become a strong, worldwide operating company in the real estate industry. We are one of the top Turkish companies in branded export for the textile industry.

From cotton yards to denim fabrics, we offer fashion-forward cloths to our customers. Additionally, we continuously raise the bar high by providing high-quality living and working spaces with our big real estate projects.

We continue to grow each day and successfully represent Turkey all around the world with the help of our experienced professionals and world-renowned brands.

Turkey’s production legacy…

Since day one, we have respected and prioritized our family values. By establishing our global management on these values, we have become a major corporation while diligently upholding our family spirit.

Our companies line their own original culture with the light of the same corporate values, and have gone on to become industry-leading companies in operational effectiveness and brand value.

Since our establishment, we have seen the fruits of our efforts and our heartfelt dreams come true step by step. This makes us even more eager to strive now.

Our path is always the same: We respect humanity. We are brave, but we never compromise on taking firm steps. We produce, we learn, we show the courage to lead the change, and we continuously strive to become world citizens. We connect different regions under Eroğlu.

We are so proud to be part of Turkey’s production legacy!